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A3 Cartoning machine

The A3 cartoning machine is designed and built for the packaging of pre-glued cartons;

it is a compact machine, easily accessible and adaptable in large production lines.

Completely built in “Balcony Style” with the utmost attention to details, meets the cleaning standards of food and pharmaceutical industries.

Most of the groups are adjustable, so few parts are needed for an eventual format change.


The machine is composed of:

  • continous motion conveyor bucket belt for product to be packed;

  • motorized carton magazine with automatic feed for constant level maintenance,

  • vertical magazine where flatblank are drawn by means of cups mounted on an arm;

  • carton conveyor toothed belt with continous motion;

  • carton closing systems with interlocking flap closure (tuck-in) or hot glue closing system.

  • exit belt and rejection area for incomplete product.

  • controls systems: carton bar code reader, leaflet bar code reader, leaflet in carton presence electronic detection.

Possibility of installing large number of optional groups with different carton closures.

Possible integrated Track & Trace inside the cartoner.

The machine is managed via the Touch Screen Operator Panel.

The transparent protections are unbreakable, anti-scratch and anti-damage and are made of certified plastic material specific for the pharmaceutical market, while the fixed protectors are in stainless steel.

We have created a model that is easily adaptable to different sectors besides Pharma, this is one of the strengths of this machine.

Technical features

Configuration: Continuous

Production: 300 cases / m

Carton dimensions: Min 35x70x12; Max 95x145x100

Weight: 2,800 kg

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