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C6 Deblistering machine

The C6 Deblistering machine is the ideal solution for the recovery of medium and large size compressed tablets from blisters. At the end of each recovery process, the tablets will be separated from any other packaging material, without any contamination. The deblistering machine is completely automatic and does not require any control operator. Simple to use and very efficient, it guarantees a high percentage of recovered intact tablets. The C6 has the ability to work with blisters of any type of material.


  •  Deblister packaging machine with an innovative and compact shape

  •  Uses a dedicated punch system for each size and shape of the product

  •  Exploit Uses vacuum technology

  •  Does not create problems with delicate or difficult "mangy" materials

  •  Extremely simple to use and clean

  •  Possibility to recover compressed tablets? From different formats? in different formats

  •  Change of format in just 1 minute

  •  Maximum hygiene, accessibility and inspectionability

  •  No possibility of contamination between different products to be deblistered

  •  Excellent percentage of intact tablets recovered and without contamination

  •  Increase productivity

  •  Reduces production costs

  •  Avoid repetitive and tedious tasks for operators

  •  It is an investment with an immediate return


Technical specifications

Blister dimensions:

Length: Min/Max 60-148mm

Width: Min/Max 30-100mm

Height: Min/Max 3-12mm


Maximum production: 3000pz/h

Weight: 150kg     Tensione: 220/240 volt

Frequency: 50/60hz



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