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Casepacker machine F18

The F18 CASEPACKER MACHINE is a machine designed and built for the packaging of cartons inside case, first filled and then closed, taped and labeled.

The machine is mostly installed in work lines in industrial environments.

The cartons entry and the cases exit takes place through movements placed upstream and downstream.

The machine is composed of: input belt for packaged cartons, stacking system for various rows of cartons, pusher system for the individual layers inside the carton.

For the case part you will have: magazine of the pre-glued cardboard flatblank, an arm for picking and opening of the flatblank, cardboard flap closing systems and selfadhesive tape applicators on both sides of the complete cardboard; alternatively the closure can be made with a hot-melt system.

This machine can be implemented by a vision system to check the completeness and integration of the traceability of each layer of cartons with the system of “case content” inside the case and aggregation with relative labeling of the variable and sensitive traceability data.



Technical characteristics

Production speed: up to 12 cartons/1’.
Carton size: 150x200x250 mm (H/B/A)
Max. Cardboard size: 150x510x520 mm (H/B/A)
Dim. Min. Case: 12x35x70 mm (B/A/H)
Max Dim. Case: 95x100x145mm (B/A/H)



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