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Counter G1

ABACO Mod. "G1" is a counting machine for tablets, coated tablets and capsules. Use an electronic counting system, with an overall dimension considerably reduced. The counting system, patented by us, is simple and reliable: it is based on a rotating disk, which through a vacuum system draws the product one by one and transfer/counts/checks it. ABACO is characterized by great flexibility because with a single disc it is able to handle a large variety of products of different sizes, breaking down the number of format parts that are reduced to a minimum. This minimizes the cost of the format itself, the changeover times and parts to be cleaned for each production batch. The ABACO electronic management is accessible via an easy operator panel, which allows you to set the operation and all the parameters of the machine with simple operations.


  • System with remarkably reduced dimensions

  • Simple and reliable

  • Ability to count / check / tranfer

  • Small format parts quantity

  • Can be integrated in existing production lines

  • Quick and easy format change

  • Great flexibility of any format capable of processing a large variety of products with different sizes

  • Maximum accessibility

  • Compliant with cGMP standards

  • Parts in contact with the product in 316 stainless steel or FDA approved material

  • Technical features

  • Compliant with cGMP standards.

  • Speed: Up to 600 tablets / minute


Technical characteristics

  • Compliant with cGMP standards.

  • Speed: Up to 600 tablets / minute

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