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C3 Deblistering machine

The C3 semi-automatic deblistering machine is the ideal machine for recovering blisters with excellent value for money. Like all our series of deblistering machines, it was built and designed to meet all the requirements for the pharmaceutical industry.
The extremely competitive price and ease of use make the C3 the ideal deblistering machine for laboratories and small production batches.

Blister is fed manually, the operator picks each individual blister and manually puts them in the extraction station where they are pressed between two rollers that compress the product and eject it.

The maximum speed it can reach is 40 Blisters/min.

It is controlled by a single-phase electric motor with the possibility of having the speed regulation of the rollers as an option to meet particular needs.

It can be supplied with an adjustable universal roller that is simple to set up and capable of deblister blisters up to a width of 100 mm and a length of 148 mm.

It can be equipped with a stainless steel trolley with a recovered product magazine and emptied blister magazine.

The swivel wheels make it a mobile and transportable station between different production lines.

Advantages for you:

  • Productivity increase

  • Reduces production costs

  • Recovery of products without any damage

  • Reduces physical discomfort and avoids tedious and repetitive activities for the operator

  • Investment immediately paid off


Technical specifications

Blister dimensions:
Length: Min/Max 60-148mm
Width: Min/Max 15-100mm
Height: Min/Max: 3-12mm

Machine measures: 670mmx400mmx400mm
Weight: kg 50
Voltage: 220/240Volt
Frequency: 50/60Hz

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