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Breve video Termoformatrice R4

Thermoforming Machine R1

  • Compact machine specific for deep forming of thermoformable plastic material and flat welding.

  • The robust structure of the machine has dimensions ensures stability and allows ensuring easy accessibility and simple cleaning.

  • The construction materials are guaranteed against the loss of slag or particles. The transparent protections are unbreakable, anti-scratch and anti-damage and are made of certified plastic material specific for the pharmaceutical market, while the fixed protectors are in stainless steel.

  • The THERMOFORMING MACHINE R1 is designed and manufactured to produce bins, consisting of a tray (valve), a vial containing the products and a pre-glued cardboard that hermetically closes the blister.

  • The machine is composed of two main main areas, the first is dedicated to forming the tray, by hot molding a thermoformable film, the second is used for the packaging of the whole unit, thanks to the combined actions of various specific groups, placed around a carousel consisting of 12 stations.

  • Forming system of the formable material through pneumatic embossing system that includes a plug-assist system preforming with hot punches.

  • Formed film pulling by means of servo motor.

  • Visual and manual adjustment for format change.

  • Pneumatic die cutting unit, with system for pick & place the blister on the carousel for final sealing.

  • Controls and management of the machine by means of a touch screen operator panel.

  • Max machine speed 40 cycles per minute for 50 blisters per minute.

  • Films reel dimensions: PET-G thermoformable and lidding foil diameter from 400 to 800 mm.

  • Working pressure 6 bar.



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