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Thermoforming Machine R4

Compact machine specific for deep forming of thermoformable plastic material and flat welding.

The structure of the machine allows easy cleaning and accessibility.

The construction materials are guaranteed against the loss of slag or particles.

The transparent protections are unbreakable, anti-scratch and anti-damage and are made of certified plastic material specific for the pharmaceutical market, while the fixed protectors are in stainless steel.

The "R4" machine is designed for the production and packaging of trays in transparent material with pockets in which an inhaler is subsequently housed through various robots, already complete with blister packs containing powder and a fracture element inside.

These trays are then closed with transparent PET (peelable) by means of flat heat welding.

The PET (peelable) has for each of the impressions, a white band on which the variable data are printed by ink-jet.

Data that are subjected to OCV control through a special HD camera.

A further station installed on the machine performs the pre-cutting (pre-cut) between each single impression.

The last station is the tray cutting with 5 precutted complete pockets.

At this point, the tray is picked up by a robotic arm and transferred on a free belt that will bring the packable products outside the protected production chamber.

Any incomplete pocket and/or with missing and completely or partially or incorrectly data written will be released by the robotic arm in a dedicated waste collection station.

Formed film pulling by means of servo motor.

Visual and manual adjustment for format change.

Pneumatic die cutting unit, with system for pick & place the blister on the carousel for final sealing.

Controls and management of the machine by means of a touch screen operator panel.

Max machine speed 40 cycles per minute for 50 blisters per minute;

Reel dimensions: PET-G thermoformable and covering diameter from 400 to 800 mm;

Working pressure 6 bar.

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