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 Blister Machine X1

  • Ideal machine for the production of small batches or unusual products such as non-current shaped blister packs.

  • Made of excellent quality materials. The basic philosophy applied to the machine is direct accessibility and simplicity of format change. This explains the technical choice of having all the groups positioned on the front of the machine in perfect “Balcony Style”.

  • The pockets forming unit is positioned vertically and all other groups positioned on the same level.

  • Plates welding unit.

  • Manual or automatic product feeding unit.

  • Completely built on the “Balcony Style” and with the utmost attention to details, meets the cleaning standards of food and pharmaceutical industries.

  • All pneumatic movement electronically controlled by PLC.

  • Machine management is completely entrusted to a computer which, through a 12 ”touch-screen monitor, allows you to modify all the operating parameters of the machine.

  • This version of our machine reflects our idea of ​​simplicity and efficiency, it is able to fully satisfy the needs of our customers regarding the variety of blisters and formats, always remaining flexible, easy to use and above all, reliable.


Min / max blister dimensions: 30x60x3 - 100x150x12 (width x length x height)


Max speed: 120 blisters / 1 '.


Machinable forming materials: ALU / ALU, PVC, PVC / PVDC, PVC / ACLAR, COC, PET.

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