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Blister Machine XP

  • Compact machine for blister packs production by means of thermoforming many different types of plastic films.


  • Ideal configuration for blister packs batches in limited quantities, ideal for lab-test and research laboratories or for nutraceuticals.


  • The machine is built in compact structure with stainless steel finishes, all groups are “Balcony Style” following the cGMP regulations.


  • The machine groups are electro-pneumatically operated and managed by Touch Screen HMI.


  • The format change is precise, quick and easy.


  • All machine controls managed trough Touch Screen HMI.


On this blister machine various options can be accommodate:

  • For products: pre-feeder units and dedicated automatic feeders based on the shape and sizes of the product.  


  • The quality and integrity of the product in the blister are accurately controlled by a B/W or Color Camera. 


  • Pneu-mechanical embossing unit for variable data on the blister by  using cold punches or by means of ink-jet unit. 


  • Automated robotic arm for blister pick-up from the die cutting unit and  with automatic wrong blister rejection and correct blister deposit on free belt or in the hopper of a downstream cartoning machine. 


Min / max blister dimensions: 30x60x3 - 100x150x12(width x length x height)


Max speed: 30 blisters / 1 '.


Machinable forming materials: ALU / ALU, PVC, PVC / PVDC, PVC / ACLAR, COC, PET.

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